Medical Cannabis Help

Good Intentions is a Chicago Illinois medical marijuana card registration service
and guide to the medical cannabis dispensaries located in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

Our Story

Good Intentions is a patient advocacy and information organization dedicated to educating and assisting patients through state regulated medical cannabis programs. Our experience in the medical cannabis field is unparalleled. Beginning with our first dispensary in Michigan in 2011 and subsequently evolving into physician clinics throughout Michigan and Illinois.

Good Intentions in Chicago opened in August of 2013 and we've been assisting Illinoisans since that time to become registered medical cannabis patients. We're here to help you through the process, ensuring you take the necessary steps for success.

"I am profoundly grateful for Good Intentions...I had almost lost hope and had nowhere to turn. Thank you for all your help."

>> Anonymous (for confidentiality), Chicago

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If you’d like to schedule an appointment through our Chicago office to discuss how medical cannabis may be the right choice for you, please fill out your information under the “Get Your Card” tab.

We look forward to helping you make autonomous choices towards improved health through Medical Marijuana.

Tammy Jacobi, CEO and Founder-Good Intentions